SGVL’s Approach

The following describes SGVL’s approach to hotel renovations which has been developed and refined over the past 17 years of service to hospitality clients.

SGVL Hospitality Management


The backbone of any project, our services commence with an intense planning effort in developing our Master Budget and Schedule.

  • a Master Project Budget that lists all anticipated construction costs, as well as items to be purchased, including associated fees and expenses; and
  • an overall Project Schedule showing anticipated durations for phase of the project: design, procurement, construction and installation activities, plus all required permits and approvals.

Once approved by our client, these documents become guidelines for management across the entire project team.

Team Approach

On behalf of the client, we assemble the project team by soliciting proposals and placing under contract the architect/interior designer, procurement agent, contractor, warehouse and logistics company. The relationships we have built with these service providers allows us to present groups of capable professionals that most closely match the needs of the project objectives.

Once the team is in place, we oversee and coordinate the activities of each member of the team to ensure they follow through on their responsibilities to the project. We work hand in hand with the Client, architect/interior designers and the respective brand to ensure that design and FF&E standards are met.

FF&E Planning

Of equal importance is maintaining an efficient project schedule. We work with procurement agents and logistics companies to ensure that all owner-furnished FF&E has been inventoried and located in the designated warehouse prior to contractor mobilization. We achieve this by identifying early in the process the durations of the ordering, fabrication and delivery sequence for long lead time items. We work with the procurement agent from preparing the bill of materials up through the release of purchase orders to the vendors.

Renovation Process

Our experience provides us with the knowledge and understanding of how to perform renovations within a hotel that remains in operation. Building a team approach among the contractors, vendors, and the property’s operations staff is critical to enabling each to carry out its duties with minimal disruption. Communication, scheduling and property phasing is vital.

In order to minimize revenue loss, we strive to renovate and turn over spaces under renovation as quickly as possible while maintaining quality standards. We achieve this by performing on-site analysis prior to construction, developing detailed schedules, and providing the contractor with everything necessary to maintain on-time delivery. This includes providing prompt direction to the contractor when unforeseen field conditions are encountered and assuring that all owner-furnished items are available for installation when needed.

Throughout the project, we place great emphasis on maintaining project controls (schedule and costs) while achieving our clients’ design and quality objectives.

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